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Staff Recruitment & Management Consultants

We assist you in getting Right Staff at Best Price

About Jobmakini

Jobmakini Link (T) Limited (Jobmakini), Brings a unique way of fulfilling Clients needs in the world of Services of agent of manpower search and business consultancy. The Services which provide ample time for clients focusing to the core functions. The services aims at maximizing profits to Small business , Large and for Individuals in East Africa .Jobmakini provides services of staff recruitment , hr services, facilitate business registration ,business consulting, organizer of events, advertising and marketing and conduct review of organizational capacity.

The Process of our Clients satisfied involves strong personnel and consultants whose employed to make sure that customers receive a quality services on time. with a great emphasis in creating value, giving solution and helps to Clients in reducing cost of operating business , especially cost associated with non-business functions.

We believe “our existence is for a great reason ”, with understanding that Client is our business. Our business falls under quality and Timely service delivery, Caring , Confidentiality, Integrity and strong passion to fulfill customer's expectations.

Our Vision

Fulfilling clients needs and achieving excellence brand in East Africa.

Our mission

Providing the services of business consulting to a maximum of fulfilling needs of our clients and their expectation in East Africa. Ideally to enhance the management consultancy services to the Small business , Medium and for larger Companies in East Africa and creating a lasting value to our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our Recruitment Fee
Our fee is of competitive.

Our Replacement Guarantee
We offer 90 days as Guarantee at no extra cost .

Our Lead Time
5-15 days to make sure client gets best staff for employment/vacancy job.

Our Experience
A third year now , we have enough experience of searching manpower and business consulting in Tanzania.

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